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Yes to all no to headscarf!

Can Dundar, who mentioned in the first lines of his analysis, " ‘monotype’ meant "ugly” in my sight. I always adopted ‘plenty types’ ” phrase, finished his article with " Yes to free outfit, no to headscarf!”. Expressing that he supported outfit liberty in schools, Dundar said in his analysis ; "Despite trying to make everybody "feel equal” by clothing them in monotype, it is better to act them equally and explain children that it is not important what one wears but the idea he has.". Mentioning of explaining children the importance of ideas in spite of dresses, Dundar, caused confusion as he said ‘No’ for scarf just after those phrases. The relevant part of Dundar’s article: The approach of "Not enough but yes” in the Islamic press, proves that the headscarf liberty demand will come after the outfit liberty. After all, the case isn’t related with free outfit, but with distrust in government: it is natural to feel concerns such as "Ok, now they will make them wear headscarf” when proposition of "the monotype obligation to remove from the schools in accordance with reforms” came from a government which started his route with the slogan "We will raise a religious generation”. Struggle of headscarf can be made differently. But I can’t be for the uniform for fear that they will " make them wear headscarf”, as well as I can’t stand for pre-university headscarf for "the obligation of uniform” will be removed. My position is as the title says: Yes to free outfit in school, no to headscarf!

2012-12-02 12:33:12
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