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Spain kept silent due to benefit

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It is stated that the high-speed train tenders of 30 billion dollars lied behind the choice of Spain, which kept silent against the bloody Gaza attacks organized by Israel.

Spain Foreign Affairs Ministry, has kept silent due to its economic benefits in Arabian World and Israel and in 19 November confined itself with a press statement just calling the parties to quietness.

Having won the high-speed train tender of 6,5 billion euro one year ago, which will be made between Mecca-Medina, Spanish, has also joined the tender of 350 kilometers long between Tel Aviv-Eilat.

According to the news of El Economista newspaper, the Spanish government decided to keep silent against Tel Aviv administration which opened new doors for the project which will link Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

Among the Spanish companies joining the high-speed train tender in Israel as Fomento group, are Renfe, Adif and Ineco.

In the agenda of Israel, worth 20 billion dollars in total, there are too many projects besides Tel Aviv-Eilat high-speed train project, including the renewal of Tel-Aviv metro.

On the other hand, winning the tender of Mecca-Medina opened by Saudi Arabia, Spain keeps negotiating for the purchase of leopard tanks as well. It is reported that the Leopard tanks belonging to Santa Bárbara Sistemas, which are interested by Arabians, were worth 3 billion euro.

Spanish companies keep negotiating for the high-speed train tender which is thought to be constructed between the border between Riyadh and Jordan a thousand kilometers long.

2012-11-29 12:45:09
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