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Second accused died during hunger strike in Tunisia

In Tunisia, second of the suspects for USA embassy attack, died during the hunger strike as well. One of the Tunisian Salafi leaders, Ahmed Bakhti, has died after two months of hunger strike, in the hospital where he was in intensive care.

Before, another accused Besir el-Gholli had died during the hunger strike as a result of heart attack.

The embassy attack suspects claimed to be innocent. The lawyer of the suspects, Abdulbasit bin Mubarek has reported that the officials who were late to interfere to the suspects in strike, to be responsible of deaths.

Since the overthrow of the secular administration in January 2011 in Tunisia where the Arabian Spring started, Islamic movements have progressed excessively. After the film made in USA insulting Islam, an attack had been organized to USA embassy and four attackers were killed during the conflict. Following the attack, Ministry of Justice Nureddin Bhiri, had expressed that 425 were taken into custody related with the case and 225 of them were arrested.

On the other hand, the Minister of Justice, stated that he felt sorry for the death of Gholli and the event would be investigated.

2012-11-27 13:21:12
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