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Religious community leader Ünlü released pending trial

Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, the leader of a religious community, was released pending trial on Friday, who was suspect in the Karagümrük gang trial.

By the release of Ünlü, the number of jailed suspects dropped to five out of total 16 suspects in the investigation.

Ünlü was accused in the 92-page indictment of "human smuggling,” "prostitution,” "depriving an individual of his or her freedom” and "assisting an illegal gang for personal gain.” The indictment demands for 25 to 53 years in prison for Ünlü.

Last summer, a video was posted on the Internet that appeared to show Ünlü sleeping with a foreign sex worker. According to police, Ünlü's driver and bodyguard asked the Karagümrük gang to find those who posted the controversial video. The driver and the bodyguard, whose names were not revealed, were detained when police tapped their phone conversations with gang members.

The gang had reportedly hired Neslihan Önder, named Best Model in Turkey in 2007, to help them obtain personal information from and blackmail businessmen.

2012-12-12 13:36:24
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