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Quran in Chuvash

Young journalist and translator Ruslan Sayfuddinov has translated Quran into Chuvash getting help from the Russian explanation. Quran in Chuvash was published as 300 copies at the first stage.

The explanation of Quran, which was published by the "Yeni Zaman” printing house of Chuvashia Muslim Religious Affairs Directorate, will provide the muslims in the region. The translation, was at the top of the agenda by the notice of mufti in 2006.

Belonging to a Turkish-Bulgarian origin and speaking a Turkish idiom of Russia, the Chuvash population is estimated to be more than 1 million 500 thousands. Being under the Russian influence for a long time, a little majority of Chuvashs is Orthodox Christian, while most is Muslim...

2012-11-23 15:02:21
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