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Prophets, companions city Diyarbakir

With its feature of belonging to prophets and companions, Diyarbakir, is one of the popular centers for religious tourism

Living 3 thousand years ago, prophets Exc. Zulkifl and Exc. Eliasa rest without decay in Diyarbakir, where more than 500 companion graves are present. One of the centers where Islamic Scholarship has risen, Diyarbakir is a heart that holds civilization brought to the region by the nations who struggled to rule the city, protected its position throughout history. Unfortunately, often being brought to the agenda for its negative phases because of terrorism trouble, Diyarbakir’s such features keep in the background. Abdulkadir Arslanoglu, Diyarbakir Prophets and Companions Publicity Association President, is complaining about inattention of the spiritual dynamics which are hidden in the heart of Diyarbakir. Abdulkadir Arslanoglu narrated Akit the importance of Diyarbakir in Islamic World.


Abdulkadir Arslanoglu , Diyarbakir Entombed Prophets and Companions Publicity President of Association, saying that the Association foundation was in 2012, highlighted their goal was particularly to open the eyes of Diyarbakir people and inform the whole Turkey and the World about the presence of the buried Companions and Entombed Prophets. Arslanoglu said, "Diyarbakir is the only place where 2 of the 27 prophets mentioned on the Quran are buried alongside. These prophets are Zulkifl and Eliasa (a.s.). The

graves of these prophets are found between two mountains in Egil town, Diyarbakir. In 1995, the place where two graves of these prophets mentioned in Quran, were under the risk of swallowing by Dicle Barrage waters. Upon this, a 9 individual sworn committee was founded in 1995, by the collaboration of General Directorate For Foundations and Religious Affairs Directorate. The mission of this committee was to open the graves of these two prophets whose tombs were more than 3 thousand years old, and to transport these tombs to another place. By this means, the graves of these prophets would not stay under water. This committee of 9 individuals, has witnessed by opening the graves that the corps of these 3 thousand years old prophets were not decayed, but fresh. This is an incident which would shake the Islamic world”.


Pointing out that no grave of a prophet has been opened until now, Arslanoglu, expressed that there was no example to this and in no source such a document was found. Underlining that the corps were not decayed, Arslanoglu said; " Excellency Prophet (s.a.w.) Lord has mentioned such a hadith that; ‘ Allah forbad the land to decay prophets’ and martyrs’ bodies.’ In other words, the land can’t rotten the corps of prophets and martyrs. Allah forbad it. It showed up that this hadith emerged in Diyarbakir in this case for the first time, since the Excellency Prophet (s.a.w.) mentioned 15 centuries ago. It is a miracle itself that the hadith of our Prophet Lord (s.a.w.) came true here. Consequently the presence of these prophets in Diyarbakir, and observation of their corps in such a miraculous manner is important for being first and very rare on earth. Mullah Omar Kalkan, Mullah

Mahmut Lacin, Mufti Ekrem Abbasioglu were the first to witness these corps”.


Reminding that the conquest was made by the army under the control of Iyad Bin Ganem and Halid Bin Velid who is the chief of Islam armies, during the caliphate of Exc. Omar (r.a.), Arslanoglu recorded: "During the conquest there have been some companions who became martyr. There are more than 500 companions in Diyarbakir to honor the people of Diyarbakir after the conquest, who were all martyrs in Diyarbakir. All the graves of them are present at diverse points of Diyarbakir streets. Consequently, it is confirmed in this way that Diyarbakir is a city of prophets and companions.”

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