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Prayer conference in prison

Conferences were given in the E Type Closed Penal Institution by Erzurum City Office of Mufti on the subjects of "Ritual Ablution, Full Ablution, Cleanse with Earth and Prayer”

Conference was held in the E Type Closed Penal Institution for the purpose of providing the holds and convicts with accomplishment of their moral and religious progress. During the conference, City Mufti Assistant Muharrem Imamoglu gave information on "Ritual Ablution, Full Ablution, Cleanse with Earth and Prayer". The institution managers and teachers of education units, guardians, holds and prisoners attended to the conference. City Mufti Assistant Muharrem Imamoglu, has stated that Islam cared a lot about cleanness, for this cause in the beginning of prayers it ordered ritual ablution and full ablution, a prayer which was performed in real terms would prevent from malignity, the worships reinforced sense of responsibility in people. Hosting the program, City Office of Mufti Prison Cleric Yusuf Ceylan, has indicated that the Quran education was provided for getting the holds and prisoners with religious and moral development accomplishment, the talks in dorms, person to person intercourses in the sense of religious consultancy and spiritual guidance and conferences were organized and such conferences would carry on being held. Cihan

2012-12-02 12:31:00
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