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Number of converts to Islam increase in Turkey

Over 8 thousand people most of whom were Christian women converted to Islam in Turkey between 2000-2013.

Those who adopted Islam are mostly German, French, and English citizens as well as people from former Soviet republics, according to the data gathered by Anadolu Agency from Presidency of Religious Affairs.

In the first 5 months of 2013, the number of people who decided to become Muslim is 410.

Nimetullah Erdogmus, mufti of Diyarbakir province, said people had been searching for the divine truth in light of the holy Qor'an after holy Prophet Mohammed, who he said invited the people to Tawheed (the Oneness of God), belief that there is no God except Allah.

"In today's world, where people have many problems, and moral crisis, they keep on that search for the divine truth which increases the interest in religions," he said, "That is why people find themselves looking and searching for all the divine religions. We believe all that search will end in Islam as Qor'an has not been changed at all, not falsified, and is still same as the original version."

More and more people are converting to Islam all around the world especially in the West, said Erdogmus reminding the researches in the field.


2013-07-15 13:45:50
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