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Israeli tanks entered Han Yunus in spite of ceasefire

Israel military vehicles not respecting the ceasefire signed between Israel and Palestinian groups upon the Gaza attacks, entered the eastern part of Han Yunus city in the south of Gaza. According to the information got from the people of El-Karara town of Han Yunus, Israeli military vehicles including tanks and bulldozers, entered to El-Karara town and performed detection activities in a restricted area. Israel, not respecting again the conditions of ceasefire, has fired Palestinian citizens who approached the security point in the eastern part of Han Yunus, a youngster lost his life, 19 injured during the incident last week. After the ceasefire, Israeli forces opened fire causing 2 Palestinians die and 7 individuals injure in the eastern board of Gaza. Israeli Naval Forces have also arrested yesterday, 6 Palestinian fishermen ashore Gaza. 

2012-12-02 12:37:27
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