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Israel mad dog, USA owner

Master actor of USA Robert De Niro, has made a speech on Gaza under bombardment

The master actor of USA, Robert De Niro showed reaction against bombardment attack over Gaza from Israel. The actor said, "All the guilty is to America since it supported a state such as Israel.”

Master actor from USA, Robert De Niro, has spoke about Gaza which is under bombardment. Known for his support for Palestine, the actor has pointed out that Israel isn’t the only guilty for what was experienced in Gaza, blamed America.

Responding the Fox News reporter’s question about the Israeli attack over Gaza, 69 years old De Niro said, "Why do we blame Israel or Israelis for what they did?”. The reporter was surprised upon this response. Because he knew the sympathy of Robert De Niro to Palestine. Realizing the case, the actor carried on his speech with this example: "Who do you blame when you are bitten by a mad dog? The dog, or the owner? Sure the owner. For this reason America is guilty at all. For supporting a state such as Israel.”

American Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky also stated that the bombardment of Israel over Gaza targeting where the civilians resided and the massacre of hundreds of people; "Can be considered

as crime against humanity and defined in this way”. Emphasizing that the violence committed by Israel mustn’t be considered as "an acceptable action”, Chomsky, has stated that USA has been supporting Israel clearly for decades, now "shutting its eyes” to the attacks carried out over Gaza. Chomsky mentioned that USA doesn’t only supports these attacks of Israel, but also joins them, the attacks are carried out by USA weapons, and it is related with this country’s economic, military and diplomatic support.

Celebrities from Turkey have also shown reaction to attacks through social media such as Ibrahim Tatlises, Hasan Kacan, Haluk Levent, Mahsun Kirmizigul.

2012-11-28 13:44:47
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