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Imam marbles teetotums to make children love mosque

Imam Ahmet Mahmut Peşteli is a marbling artist who tries to make his little pupils love salaah. Such that, he is telling stories to children about mosque manners while teaching them the marbling art in his modest workshop. The marbling art, is a way to understand the attributes of Almighty Creator for imam Peşteli... -Ahmet Mahmut Peşteli, is an imam who set his heart on ‘marbling’. Experiencing the earthquake of Adapazarı in 1998, was appointed to Istanbul Küçük Ayasofya Mosque in 2000. Art story of Peşteli, who says "Allah took me away from the harm of earthquake and rewarded with benefaction.” starts in Hüseyin Ağa Madrasah next to the mosque. They reach the mysteries of art through 20 different workshops inside the madrasah. He attends the calligraphy, reed, wood procession but settles the marbling. The "marbling” on which he set his heart, also conduces to fulfill his imamate duty. Such that, he starts to marble teetotums in order to make children love the mosque and salaah. Dominie, invites the children to his workshop every evening, incorporating them into his works. Every child listens stories about the mosque morals while learning how to marble their teetotums. In this way he conduces them to both learn marbling and love the mosque. Considering his assignment to Küçük Ayasofya Camii qua an imam as a fall to the spring of art, Mahmut Peşteli, takes his art to further which started in Hüseyin Ağa Madrasah. He is granted the award of success for his marbling works in the ’13. Official Turkish Emblazon Arts Contest’ held by the Ministry of Culture in 2005. Ahmet Mahmut Peşteli, making use of his spare time by workshop effort after time salaahs and cares on the mosque community, hastens his works throughout 4 years using one room of his house as a workplace. He desires to bring a new esthetic and color to floral motifs. He reaches his desire by well observation of the flowers in nature created by Allah. Peşteli says he comprehends better the creator title of Allah, by means of marbling art which he considers as ‘A mystical way of living on the underway to perfection’. Stating that it must be worked for years to bring esthetic and elegance to a flower, Peşteli says he understands the greatness of the Creator better by every new work he made. Peşteli says that Allah has decorated every individual with different specifications and describes it as a favor to be created with the art love. Stating that in the 18. Century, Hatip Mehmet Efendi, the imam of Hagia Sophia Mosque, also occupied himself with marbling art and it is a good coincidence that he occupies the same occupation as the imam of Little Hagia Sophia Mosque. "As if, I took over the art flag of Hatip Mehmet Efendi by coming to the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque” he says. Mentioning that he is working night and day and it has a therapy effect on him to be free over the water. Peşteli, adds that people are surprised to see an artist imam unlike the bad imam figure created in society. "I saw that those who take a dim view of Imams started to soften telling ‘Then imams can be artist!’.” he explains. Too many people want to take courses from him thanks to his success on the marbling area. Ethem Güleryüz (60), who loves him deeply from the mosque community, is one of his 20 students in Classic Turkish Arts Foundation where he starts tutory on marbling section in 2007. Güleryüz, signs up for the course as soon as he hears that Mahmut Hodja has started to marbling tutory. The love and affection of Mahmut Hodja and Güleryüz in the mosque, is brought to completion by marbling. Güleryüz, who had education for 4 years on marbling wants to take upgrade training for 2 years in order not to leave Mahmut Hodja. Tuğba Balcıoğlu attends to the marbling workshop of Mahmut Peşteli in 2008. After Peşteli, Balcıoğlu is also deemed worthy of the success award in ’13. Official Turkish Emblazon Arts Contest’ in 2009, held by the Ministry of Culture. In addition to this, she qualifies to the collection in the contest which is held by Classic Turkish Arts Foundation in 2010 , themed ‘Erguvan’.

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