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How to raise love-centered children?

Educator Vehbi Vakkasoglu, has explained to parents from Kucukcekmece, how to raise love-centered children. Vakkasoglu, who attended to "Love-centered Child and Youngster Education" interview in Kucukcekmece Municipality Sefakoy Culture and Art Center, has especially advised to mothers, in his speech about the importance of love in education. Explaining to parents of Kucukcekmece by stories that they couldn't enter to mind of a child without entering the heart, Vakkasoglu said that the role of mothers was very important in the aspect of love centered education, who played the leading part. Vakkasoglu, who pointed out that mothers were compassion lairs, has stated that mothers and fathers must make them loved by their children. "MOTHER AND FATHER MUST LOVE EACH OTHER" Expressing that a child who wasn't loved inside family, would never be able to love anyone since he didn't know love, consequently would become an individual who couldn't have healthy relations with his environment, Vakkasoglu, said that in order for a child or youngster to learn love in family, the spouses should love each other as well. Vakkasoglu, who reported that babies could even feel the anxious or happy atmosphere in the womb, has pointed out the importance of parents' respecting and lovely behaviours to each other; and it would affect badly to child if parents argued for 3 minutes everyday. "LOVE YOUR CHILD WITHOUT CONDITIONS" Vakkasoglu has especially advised families to love their children efficiently, and added that this love shouldn't be conditioned. Reporting that parents fell into the error of comparing their children with others, Vakkasoglu, said that children should be seen as initially Allah's creature, then Exc. Muhammed's (SAW) ummah and lastly the son. "HAVE CONVERSATIONS IN SPITE OF WATCHING SERIES" Vakkasoglu stated that children and youngsters would do what thier parents did not what they advised, and added that parents who desired their children to read book should read book. In addition, has emphasized that family should keep together every evening for at least 15 minutes as following: "In spite of watching series for 4 hours every evening, look into the eyes of whom you love. 15 minutes is enough for this every evening. Keep together and talk from youngest to eldest. Child loves amicable, friendly, talking and listening parents in this way and learns expressing himself when something he disliked appeared." The famous writer has signed the books that are offered for sale, and brought by his fans at the end of the program.
2012-12-03 13:56:45
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