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Foundation of Israel and Arab-Israeli wars

Appointed to Palestinian front, English General Allenby has entered Jerusalem in 11 December 1917, shortly after telling: "Turks have a frightening, mad power of struggle. In spite of losing all their combat capacity; they still carry on clashing. A handful of Turks, keeps the war insistently despite they know they were imprisoned. For this reason, we lose time.”. While the invasion of English army to Jerusalem finished a 1300 years old control of Muslims, made way for the foundation of Israeli state as well.

Palestine under English rule

The Jewish immigration to Palestine under the mandate of England, especially starting from 1920’s , has began to cause important changes in the demographic balance of region. In 1922, the Jewish population in Palestine, has reached up to 467 thousand from 83 thousand. Parallel to the demographic change, the lands owned by Jews has risen from 60 thousand hectares to 155 thousand hectares. The increase in Jewish population and in lands under their control, was also the cause for a Jewish problem in Palestine region as well. This problem was not only a society or policy trouble. But also a terror trouble implying the conflicts in the region. England, the ruler of the region, has appealed to the UN in 1947, to stop the conflicts there, in other words to solve the trouble amicably. The Private Commission founded for Palestine, has decided to split Palestine into Arabians and Jews and a special Corpus Separatum ( separated corp ) status for Jerusalem which would be subjected to nowhere. Arabians

didn’t accept that plan which gave the most fertile 55 percent part of Palestine to Jews and 45 percent comprising infertile lands and deserts. Upon this disagreement, in 14 May 1948, Jews have announced to have founded the Israeli state.

Arab-Israeli wars

The declaration of Israeli state’s foundation has caused the Arabian States in the region to wage war against Israel. And in this way, the tension and wars had started between Arabs and Israel, which would never end. The forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq has started attacking a few hours later than the Israeli independence declaration. Yet, they couldn’t succeed largely against Israel which took the support of western states. After the war, Israel had risen his land from 55 percent to 78. 700 thousand Palestinian Arabs had been obliged to immigrate neighbor countries leaving their motherland.

The war in 1956 between Arabians Israel-France, England after the Suez Crisis, didn’t give another result. Nevertheless, presenting itself with a political triumph from this military defeat, Egypt and its leader Cemal Abdunnasir, appeared to be an important leader through the Arabic world. While struggling for developing his country by a socialist and nationalist approach, Cemal Abdunnasir, on the other hand began to constitute an important military power as a result of his good connections with socialist states. His target was to unite Arabic states on a socialist line and solving the Palestine issue with military methods by this unity. When it was 1967, Egypt being in the first place, Arabic states (Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait) having declared

emergency rule in their country, made the last pre-war arrangements. While Arabic states sealed alliance, it wasn’t different for Israel as well. A national unity government formed, alongside with the movement of radicals who desired to annihilate the Arabic nationalism before getting much dangerous. Israel was of the opinion that such a war was necessary for them which would be so quick and successful as not to give any chance of United Nations intervention, and made all their preparations accordingly. Israel Defense Minister Moshe Dayan expressed the preparation made for the purpose of an exact triumph as following: What I can tell for this war, is our intelligence units were as important as our Air Forces and Land Forces.”

The defeat in 6 days and the invasion of Jerusalem

In 5 June 1967, 10 past 7, the warplanes taken off from Israel reached to Egypt with low altitude flying. They destroyed hundreds of warplanes situated in 17 bases, belonging to Egyptian Air Forces. Three fifth of Egyptian Air Forces have wept out by this blitz of Israel. Next day, Gaza and the Sinai peninsula of Egypt, were captured by Israel. Thus, Arabic states went under the wrecking ball within a few days. The main shock was in the third day of the war. Israel didn’t plan to invade Jerusalem in the first phase of the war. Yet the Israeli administration changed its plans and decided to invade Jerusalem when the war brought a very big triumph in a short time. 7 June, was the day the Israeli soldiers entered ancient city, Jerusalem. Despite

the city was struggled to defend by street wars, Israeli soldiers arrived in front of the wailing wall. By this way, 50 years later after leaving the Ottoman State rule, Jerusalem, was captured by Jews.

Invading the eastern Jerusalem, Israel, has declared Jerusalem as the eternal indivisible capital of Israeli state. At the end of six day lasting war, Jerusalem taking the first place, most part of Palestine lands, also some parts of Jordanian, Syrian and Egyptian lands were invaded by Israel. At the end of this war, Israel has enlarged its lands up to 2 times and a half. Causing the 1967 war, Cemal Abdunnasir has lost a great prestige, Pan-Arabism ideology fell down as well. Palestinians started their own campaign after this war. Palestine Liberation Organization has started increasing its efficiency after that war.


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