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Ashton reminds Srebrenica genocide

EU High Representative Catherine Ashton called Thursday for respect to the loss in Srebrenica, refusal of genocide denial and support to justice.

Ashton issued a statement on the commemoration of Srebrenica genocide which took place in July 1995.

"Eighteen years have passed since the genocide was committed in Srebrenica in July 1995. The pain and grief of those who lost their children, parents, relatives and friends remain ever present," said Ashton, "On behalf of the European Union, I pay my respect to the victims.

Stating the decades - long reconciliation process that brought to the creation of the European Union should inspire the reconciliation in the Western Balkans, Ashton said there was much to be done by those in positions of authority, so that citizens of the region could fully enjoy peace and prosperity, together with their fellow Europeans.

Referring to the pains of the families over Srebrenica genocide, Ashton said, "No words can describe the pain a mother and father feel when burying a child of theirs. And no words can give peace of mind to families of the victims. Nevertheless, what we can demonstrate is respect for their loss, refusal of genocide denial and, as a concrete measure, support to justice. The processing of the war crimes committed throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina shall continue to ensure that truth is established, justice is guaranteed, and reconciliation can be consolidated, including at the regional level."

2013-07-15 13:49:54
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