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7 Copts participated in film to be executed

Egypt State Security Court has sentenced 7 expat Copts to death in the lawsuit presented as they participated in the film that involved revilement to the Excellent Prophet, and their expressions and claims threatening the unity and integrity of the state in the notice they published through internet between the dates 27 August-12 September. The decision of Egypt State Security Court, will be ordered final judgment to execute the punishment during the court of 29 December upon the submission for the Egyptian Office of Mufti’s approval. 5 of the individuals who were sentenced to death, reside in USA, 1 in Australia and the other in Canada. The attorney generalship has presented case about 7 Copts for crimes such as causing sectarian violence, encouragement of religion abuse and fundamentalism , scorn of divine religions and their doctrines, breaking the national unity and communal peace. Death sentence taken by courts in Egypt are submitted to Egypt Office of Mufti.

2012-12-02 12:36:09
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