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Azan and Quran in Cairo circumcised

Selvi recounted the Azan and Quran voices that sounded in Cairo through minaret

Yeni Şafak journalist Abdülkadir Selvi, recounted the Azan and Quran voices that sounded through minaret in the capital of Egypt, Cairo.

Having gone to Egypt with the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Selvi, has told that he stepped into the streets of Cairo while Erdogan went to discuss with the President of Republic Mursi.

Stating the crowd in the streets and the intensity of streets, Selvi said: "This scramble carried on until the night prayer. Whenever the azans recited, Cairo mystified. The prayer was done, and this time the voice of Quran started to resonate through minarets ".

Expressing that he listened to Quran being read and his "soul circumcised”, Selvi, added:

"There is a phrase; Quran came down in Mecca, read in Egypt, written in Istanbul. For a long time, I have listened to Quran read by the the hafizes with touchy voices of Egypt.

The azan voice coming from minarets has sanitized Cairo. Nile was sanitized but it was my soul which is sanitized indeed. I never wanted that instant to finish.

When mentioning Egypt it is pyramids which come back. But for me Egypt is Nile at the same time. It is Cami-ul Ezher, Han Halil. It is Ummu Gulsum a little. But it is mostly Abdussamet, the touchy voiced hafiz of Quran.

2012-11-26 12:07:14
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